Dear Robin and Robin's Nest Restaurant and Catering,

Bernie and I had our wedding celebration at Robin’s Nest on July 27, 2018.   While I have always tried to write testimonials whenever I have a great experience, I don’t recall ever being as enthusiastic to write one as I am for this occasion.  I would like to share with you the reasons why that is!  
Robin’s Nest did an OUTSTANDING job in every conceivable way.   The presentation in the room was perfect, the food was very tasty and delicious and the service was outstanding.   All of the comments from family members as well as friends were that the atmosphere was cozy and the food terrific.  In other words, everything was SUPERB!  
Another reason I was eager to write to you was primarily because of your exceptional Catering Manager, Doreen!  I feel very strongly that fate brought me not only to Robin’s Nest but specifically to Doreen.  She is really someone special.  Doreen was incredibly easy to work with, gracious, professional and moreover, put my mind at ease from the very beginning which was most reassuring as it was at a time I needed it the most.   Since the greater majority of people were traveling from out of town, it was important to Bernie and I that everyone will feel comfortable and welcomed. When the guests arrived at the restaurant that is exactly how they felt after they were greeted by Doreen. Doreen also made myself and Bernie feel extremely comfortable every time that we spoke to her as well as the few times we got together to iron out the wedding details up until the day of the celebration. Doreen did not disappoint.  Doreen took care of all the detail as promised, was highly accommodating, and furthermore, guided me in the areas that I was not familiar with.  Doreen was also very patient and answered all my myriad of questions (bless her heart!). I truly appreciated her honesty as well as her sense of humor in dealing with what was a somewhat stressful event for me!  Both Bernie and I LOVED her!! 
While our celebration was successful due to Robin’s Nest Restaurant, I truly feel the occasion was that much more special because Doreen was there to manage it.  I cannot thank her and Robin’s Nest enough for making our special day such a wonderful success. 

With our sincerest gratitude,
Eva & Bernie Kaufman